Why Screens?

Build an Ecologically Sound and Energy-Conscious Lifestyle

Fly screens allow natural breezes to flow through your home eliminating the use of harmful chemicals commonly used for insect protection.
Installing insect screens in your home means there are no adverse effects on either the global environment or the space where you live.
Screen doors are the natural choice of insect indispensable products for all households, but are also perfectly suited to modern needs.

There is no better sensation than the feeling of natural breeze blowing in from your doors and windows.
Taking advantage of nature’s breezes is ideal for an energy-conscious and ecologically sound lifestyle.

Our range of modern pleated retractable screen doors will protect you and your family from fearsome diseases that are transmitted by unwanted insects.
FSA’s range of innovative retractable fly screens are the perfect choice of fly screen to enjoy natures breezes.

Designed and Engineered in Japan

Our Product Range

Our modern stylish retractable insect screens are the perfect addition to your home.
The Monarch range of pleated insect screens are an innovative practicable solution to openings such as French Doors, awning/casement and gas strut windows. The unique pleated design is safe to operate, when not in use the screen stores neatly out of sight into a special housing.

Art & Science of Our Technology

Our Advanced Process

Providing an extensive and diverse range of technologically advanced pleated insect screening solutions to suit any living environment.

This revolutionary technology provides both a high level of insect-protection as well as unimpeded entry in and out of the room.
When the screen is not in use the Retracting Mesh Guide remains stored inside vertical housing allowing unimpeded passage in and out of the room.
When in use the Mesh Guide slides out of the vertical housing keeping the mesh in position.

The Wire Operating System simplifies extension and retraction of the screen. The wires support the sliding bar and eliminate the for highly tensions springs to retract the mesh. This makes the screen safe to operate even by young children.


The Cord Tension System assists in opening and closing of the screen. Due to this unique cord system the sliding handle can be positioned at any point along the opening and will not retract back with force.Safe to operate for small children and adults alike making use stress-free.

Monarch Ex2 and Monarch Window and Monarch Glide are constructed with an optional patented mesh retention clip that resists the mesh from blowing out providing a high level of protection from insects in windy conditions.

The barrier free sill track combined with the retracting mesh guide unlike conventional retractable screens eliminates any trip hazard on the floor.
The track is just 3mm high making screen safe for use in high volume doorways, perfect if you have young children or require disabled access in and out of the home.

The Monarch range of screens are uniquely constructed using a special cartridge system.
The mesh cartridge is a cost effective hassle free system of installing worn or damaged mesh with minimal fuss.
The mesh cartridge can even be installed by a competent home handy man.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pleated mesh technology was developed as a way to make retractable screen that did not require spring to retract the mesh.
The result is a compact safe to use retractable screen that is gaining popularity for its decorative design.
The pleats have been manufactured to hold their shape for many years using Seiki’s extensive experience.

Yes, all our products are designed to be installed even after homes have been constructed.

All products are tested more than 10,000 times during development using cycle tests for durability, wind resistance tests, drop tests, and shipping tests. Also, products are inspected during each step of the manufacturing process and are tested to ensure proper function and inspected for damage and stains before packaging. These extensive tests help ensure the high quality of Seiki’s screen doors.

Monarch Glide, Monarch Ex2, Monarch Window, Monarch Lite screens all accept replacement mesh cartridges.
If the mesh is worn or damaged the cartridge can easily be replaced without removing the screen frame from the opening.

Monarch Ex2 and Monarch Glide retractable screen doors can be installed on most popular double door systems.
Careful attention must be given to select the correct screen for your application.
Monarch Ex2 is suitable for use on doors up to 4m wide.
Monarch Glide is suitable for use on doors up to 9m wide.

Regular cleaning will extend mesh life and ensure smooth operation of your screen.
Regularly dust the mesh using a soft bristle brush, and then wipe the screen using a damp cloth or sponge.
To assist cleaning place your hands on both sides of the screen and wipe the mesh vertically along the pleat line as if kneading it.
Accumulation of dust, debris, and pet hair may cause rough opening and closing or other problems.
Regularly remove accumulation of debris in the track by using a vacuum cleaner.
When door becomes very dirty wipe using a damp cloth that has been soaked in lukewarm water and mild detergent, then wipe using a damp cloth soaked in clean water.
Please see owners guide for full care and maintenance details.

Yes, installation manuals can be downloaded from the resources page on this site or click the link below.

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